Their smiles made our day…

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Creating Shared Value is vital to how we do business here at Insighture. We truly believe that our company can simply be successful in the long run by creating value both for our stakeholders and for the society.

The year 2020 was a year of lessons for mankind. As valuable as the lessons were, most families worldwide were enduring hard times beyond measure. Likewise, back here in Sri Lanka many companies were finding it difficult to continue their operations. Thus, the people lost their jobs. The hardest remained to be the people who earned a daily wage. The only mode of survival had been cut off by this Pandemic. Families with little children and elderly people were going through a difficult situation beyond what most of us could ever think of.

Towards the end of 2020, once COVID 19 was a component of our day-to-day life, the deprived still experienced anguish. When the month Christmas came around the corner, most families who were adept celebrated the holidays in a marginal way. Nevertheless, what about the families that had to endure the loss of their only source of income due to the Pandemic? Was the holiday equivalent for them too?

As Insighture celebrated Christmas by sharing gifts and hampers, we could not fail to remember these families.

We needed to do something. We needed to make a difference. A difference that will bring about joy to their hearts just as the holidays did to us but truly significantly cater to their fundamental needs as humans.

Our team ventured into looking out for families that may need our support. We were able to locate some families that had no source of income of any kind due to the Pandemic. Most families had children of ages between 3 – 7. Some families consisted of elderly folks who were confined to bed. We listened to their stories. They had no animosity in their hearts even though they remained cut off from their basic needs. They did not expect anything for themselves but for their child or their mother or father who was incapacitated or for a wife and 3-year-old daughter who has been identified with seizures.

Their pure hearts stole ours. We at Insighture gave back as one team. Our team dispatched each family care packages that contained essentials ranging from rations to exclusive products for babies and elderly individuals. Their smiles absolutely made our day.

We have continued to deliver packages nearly every month to these families and each time all they do is sanctify us for our kindness. How pure are their hearts? Isn’t it our responsibility to give back to these souls and lend a helping hand to our people when they need it?

We, at Insighture take pride in ourselves for giving back to our people throughout these challenging times. We intend to expand by giving back a little to countless other folks in the near future.

We still delve into ways to enhance the shared value we create and our impact. Our goal is to take a position with greater confidence and still build trust with our society by demonstrating substantial results.

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